Telephone Line Surge Protector

Telephone Line Surge Protector

Telephone Line Surge Protector

Is for protecting the telephone system from damages cause by Lightning surge which induce into the telephone and / or lease line,  Ssap Technology is the latest innovative Resettable Surge Protection it can protects  on the Over Voltage and Over Current at the same time.

Protect by all Modes Protection ( L1-E, L2-E, L1-L2 ) with rapidly response time  less than one of thousandth of a second which makes equipment connected to the telephone line safety.

How Telephone Line Surge Protector works and How it can protects ?

The demonstration of Telephone line Surge protection.


Conventional Technology

New Innovative Technology

For the convenience maintenance with nice & neat of the 10 telephone drop wires wiring ( item 13 ).

And Protection with the Telephone line Surge Protectors  (Item 8).

Special only for TOT customer.

Over_voltage and Over_Current Protection for Telephone Line

( for R&M MDF )


R&M VS compact MDF

ADSL Splitter POTs ( for R&M MDF )

Model : SAS-VS

R&M VS compact MDF

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